ELITEX provides a 'start-to-finish' service which makes everything easier for you. We have perfected four simple phases in order to offer the service and quality that our customers demand.

Competitive Marketing & Sourcing of
Raw Materials and Accessories
  • Trend studies by our marketing professionals in Europe and Asia, Paris and Hong Kong.
  • Sourcing innovative and fashionable fabrics and accessories throughout Asia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Bangladesh.
Collection Creation
  • Assisting in the design and fabric decision-making process.
  • Sample development.
  • Collection finalisation.
Manufacturing Selection
  • Manufacturing centres network throughout China and in Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand.
Quality Control & Export Logistics
  • On-site planning and production control, by Hong Kong merchandisers.
  • In-line and final quality checks by local offices, 6 controllers in Shanghai and 8 in Bangladesh.
  • Banking documentation.